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Welcome to my homepage through the Oregon Institute of Technology where I work as an assistant professor of Applied Mathematics.  My academic background includes bachelor's degrees in economics and applied mathematics as well as holding an M.S. in Applied Mathematics from University of Washington and a Masters in Applied Statistics from Pennsylvania State University.  During my time as a student, I also spent substantial time in graduate coursework in economics at Oregon State University.

With this diverse background, I have found the best part of teaching is when students of different disciplines are able to recognize the usefulness of tools outside of their primary field of study.  My primary interest while in graduate school was of the management of renewable and non-renewable resources given economic and physical constraints.  This area encompasses economics, statistics, biology, and applied mathematics in nearly every problem (as well as environmental science, geographic information systems, computer software engineering, etc...) and I am excited to continue to study and learn to bridge the gaps between many different fields.

Currently, my primary interests are in the fields of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and applying software for reproducible research (I'm not fantastic at developing software, but I can handle basic programming and am most interested in applying and teaching the application of software).  Please see my sections on R examples and LaTeX/BibTeX (these are under construction) for information on some of the various open source projects that are transforming our world.  I have also recently taken part in several statistical consulting projects that have been rather enlightening and enjoyable for both myself and the primary researchers.  If you are within Oregon Tech and you have a statistics question of interest, I would be happy to look at it and see if I can provide some advice or suggestions free of charge: please see my CV for more information and you may contact me by the e-mail address located on the right.  (As this is a University web page, I will not provide information about external statistical consulting here.)