Open Education Resources             A brief introduction to Open Education Resources

Open Content/Source Texts:
  • Open Textbook Library at the University of Minnesota. This is probably the best assembled collection of open resource texts out there.

  • College Open Textbooks "...focused on driving awareness and adoptions of open textbooks to more than 2000 community and other two-year colleges."

  • Open Text Bookstore

  • Open Textbook Initiative from the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM). A number of undergraduate texts approved by the AIM editorial board.

  • Dana C. Ernst A private individual's compilation of open content/source texts, leaning toward upper-level undergraduate.

  • Marcel B. Finan A selection of open content texts, all written by one individual.

  • George Cain Another private individual's compilation, with an emphasis toward upper level undergraduate and graduate level texts. There are a few calculus texts listed as well.

  • Gregg Waterman Open source texts I have written. These are in various states of completion/revision.

Video Libraries:

  • Mathispower4u My favorite producer of mathematics videos. They are very well made by a person who clearly has classroom experience.

  • Patrick JMT (Just Math Tutoring). Not as slick as the above, but generally good. A student here at our school once told me that "PatrickJMT got me through calculus!"

  • Khan Academy Well known and backed by Bill Gates. I find the videos a bit slow, and the presenter's lack of a teaching/tutoring background leads at times to poor presentation.

  • Gregg Waterman My own Youtube channel. Nowhere near the production value of the other providers listed above, but I hope to improve my technology and presentation as time goes on.

Computation/Demonstration Tools:
  • Wolfram Demonstrations Project Tools to illustrate concepts using animations or sliders for changing parameters. Requires downloading Wolfram CDF Player.

  • Wolfram Alpha Widgets User-friendly computational tools.

  • 3D Calc Plotter A tool for multi-variable calculus exploration. Requires Java player.

  • Desmos An online interactive graphing tool that supports entering functions with parameters whose vlaues can changed with sliders. Does not require downloading.

Online Homework Systems:

  • Webwork An open-source online homework system.

  • My Open Math Another online interactive homework system.


Examples of Compiled Open Content:


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