Dr. Randall Paul Office: Owens 126
Associate Professor of Mathematics, OIT Phone: 541-885-1467
Math Instructor, United Arab Emirates University email: randall.paul@oit.edu
PhD, Mathematics, The University of Texas at Austin
B.A. Mathematics, Rice University

Schedule and Classes

10:00 MTWF Math 111, College Algebra
11:00 MTWF Math 100, Intermediate Algebra
1:00 MTWF Math 465, Mathematical Statistics
3:00 W Math 407, Topics in Discrete Mathematics
10:00 MWRF Math 100, Intermediate Algebra
11:00 MTWF Math 321, Differential Equations I
1:00 MWRF Math 251, Differential Calculus


Mathematical Origami
Number Theory and Encryption
Combinatorial Game Theory
Voting Theory
Bridge and Board Games